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Dental Treatment

Root Canal Therapy with Specialist
Standard PFM porcelain crowns
E.Max Veneers 
Denture plate
Surgical placement of Dental Implant

Our Price

$265 -$285

USA Price

$800 - $1100

Dental Implant Package prices:

Dentures supported by dental implants: $5350 per arch
Includes 4 implants with locators, Temporary dentures, Permanent dentures with connectors
*(Price does not include extractions and bone grafting, if needed).

Full mouth dental implants: $11,800 per arch
Includes 8 implants/abutments and 12 crowns in 4 bridges, temporary denture. 

*(Price does not include extractions and bone grafting, if needed). 

*Dental Implants for 1/3 of what US dentists charge.

*Cosmetic and General dentistry, root canals, and oral surgery. We use the same materials and have the same standards as in the US.

*Dentists with the highest level of experience, with excellent training.

*Our implant specialist is one of the top dentists in the city. 

*Our clinic is conveniently located very close to the US Border crossing south of San Diego, at San Ysidro. 

*All of out staff speaks English. Our Patient coordinator was raised in San Diego, and is very aware of your needs and concerns as Americans. 

Our Price list:

Please read carefully our price list for dental treatments. Comparing the prices we charge to those charged by US dental clinics; it is evident that our prices are about 1/3 for the same procedures. Another thing to consider is that US dentists often tack on additional charges for procedures we count as part of the treatments. The total charges from the US will amount to even higher costs. 

Our prices are competitive to the average prices of other dental clinics in Tijuana. We have lower prices than most of the competition, although you may find a couple of dental clinics in Tijuana that charge a little less than we do. However, what makes us stand out is the high quality of the work we do. Dr. Vazquez, our head dentist, is one of the best dental implant specialists in Tijuana. In most of the dental clinics that place dental implants in Tijuana, the dentist is not a specialist, but rather one who has taken a quick course on dental implant surgery. Dr. Vazquez, however, is a true specialist. He has an M.D. in oral medicine, and has studied an additional 2 ½ years in the US. Also, we don’t allow our general dentists to do root canals, contrary to the practice of other clinics, but only use board certified specialists. In fact, for ant surgery, we only use specialists rather than general practitioners. This is what set us apart. Most other clinics in Tijuana use the general dentists for everything. For that reason, we can guarantee the quality of the dentistry done at our Tijuana dental clinic.

Dr. Vazquez has received superior formal education, has placed over 3000 dental implants per year, and has a great amount of experience. Dr. Arnulfo Vazquez is certainly one of the top implant dentists in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. 
Call: 619-819-9442    See Our Price List Below:

Look at our prices and compare to those of US dentists:   
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Because the cost of dentistry in the US is so high, and dental insurance covers so little, thousands of people have turned to dental tourism in Tijuana, Mexico as a great alternative. A dentist in Tijuana, Mexico charges less than 1/3 for the same quality of dental care.  

Reasons to choose Tijuana Dentist Center: 

1. Tijuana is closer than any other major destination for dental tourism. The cost of travel is what it costs to get to San Diego Airport. You don't have to pay for international airfare. The clinic is just 25 minutes from San Diego downtown, and we can either pick up up, or you can take inexpensive public transportation to the border. 

2. Tijuana is a Safe Location. Don't listen to media hype. Tijuana is certainly not Juarez. There  are over 30,000 Americans living in the area, for a reason. It is SAFE in Tijuana! The statistics speak for themselves.  There is a much lower crime rate in Tijuana than in Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, and many other US Cities.  Click here for the facts: http://howsafeismexico.com/index.html

3. Because of it's proximity to the major population centers in Southern California, Tijuana has become the largest destination for dental and medical tourism in the world. Out of the hundreds of dental clinics in Tijuana, we have one of the very best. Our head dentist, Dr Arnulfo Vazquez, has some of the highest levels of experience, and best credentials in the city. 

4. Dr Vazquez guarantees his work, and his dental implant placements are guaranteed for life. 

5. Our staff all speak excellent English. Dr. Vazquez strained for 2 1/2 years in the US, and his English is very good. 

6. We are within walking distance of the US Border crossing at San Ysidro. You can park on the US side, and walk across the border to our clinic. We are just a couple of blocks from US Customs.

7. We are also easy to find if you want to drive into Tijuana. We have Medical Passes available for cars to take the special Medical lane. If you drive across, with this lane you will get back across the border in usually 20 to 30 minutes.     

Package Prices for Smile Makeovers:

Makeover #1: $3700
Includes 14 pfm crowns with porcelain margins* *

Makeover #2: $5100
Includes 14 e.max crowns or veneers*

Makeover #3: $6200
Includes 14 of the top quality zirconium crowns.*

*(Prices above do not include root canals or core build ups, if needed).

Full Rehabilitation #1: $7200
includes 28 pfm crowns with porcelain margins*

Full Rehabilitation #2:  $10,000
Includes 16 Zirconium crowns and 12 pfm crowns*

Full Rehabilitation #3:  $12000
Includes 28 of the top quality zirconium crowns*.

*(Prices above do not include root canals or core build ups, if needed).
**The above packages can be modified to individual patient needs.
Tijuana Dentist Center
Your Best Connection to 
Affordable Dentistry in Tijuana!!
The Smile you've always wanted a price you can finally afford!! ​
We charge an average of 70% less than USA clinics.
Get a Medical Lane FAST PASS to quickly cross the border: 

Border construction has slowed the re-entry to San Diego. But we can give our patients a special pass to cross the border quickly.  The pass is good for cars driving back into the US. The average time this lane is about 20 to 45 minutes.  

 Click here for driving instructions.

We have state of the art equipment.
Payment Information:  

For the best prices, the preferred method of payment is cash, and we can give a discount of 5%. However, we can also accept bank issued money orders, cashiers checks, and American express travelers checks, **(Before buying a money order, or a cashiers check, please call us for payee instructions). 

                                   For your convenience, we can also accept Master CardVisaDiscover, and American Express(additional fees apply). 
                                     Please note: You will need to notify your credit card or bank of your intention of using a credit card in Mexico, or they might block it. 

Sorry, but we cannot accept personal checks.
Interested in cosmetic and medical procedures? We have partnered with MEDAC Medical Center to offer to our patients medical services as well. MEDAC can do all medical procedures, and features one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in Tijuana.

For those who are concerned about traveling in Tijuana and Baja California, the video below will give you an honest perspective.
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At Implant Art Center, we offer: 

Convenient Location for Tijuana Dentistry

As Tijuana is the closest city to the major population center of Southern California, it is the best destination for Dental Tourism in Mexico. We take very good care of our dental tourism patients, by arranging transportation from the San Diego to our Tijuana Dental clinic. We can also make your Tijuana hotel reservations, and arrange local transportation from the dental clinic to your hotel. For the patients who are coming from San Diego, or Los Angeles, our dental clinic is within walking distance from the border. You can either take the San Diego Trolley to the border, or drive and park on the US side, and walk to the dental clinic.

State of the art dental clinic in Tijuana

Our Tijuana dentists work in modern, well equipped facilities. We have our own digital panoramic x-rays, and the best of dental equipment. We are located in a nice medical building, next to the Tijuana border. Our dentists in Tijuana are highly trained. Dr. Arnulfo Vazquez, our head dentist, not only has been well trained at the best dental university in Mexico, bust has had an addition two years of training at the University of Minnesota as well as UCLA.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the latest technology for tooth replacement. Basically, the root of an extracted tooth is replaced by a titanium screw. The dental implant comes in two parts. The lower half is surgically placed into the jaw bane. After the surgery has healed, and the bone has bonded to the implant, an upper half of the implant, called an abutment, is screwed on. A porcelain crown is then mounted to the abutment, and the finished product is a new tooth. 

Benefits of Dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico

When a toot is extracted, one of the main complications, besides loss of a chewing surface, is the missing tooth begins the process of bone loss. With no tooth root in the jaw bone, there is nothing to stimulate bone regeneration. As a result, the bone around the site of the missing tooth will begin to dissolve away. The resulting loss of bone will eventually compromise the roots of the adjacent teeth, and they in turn will come loose, and will fail. It is like a domino effect. When a dental implant is placed in the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth, it acts like a tooth root. The implant stimulates the surrounding bone, and arrests the process of bone loss. For this reason, the best dental solution to missing teeth is to replace them with a dental implant in Mexico. 

Cost of Dental Implants in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana Dentist Center offers a low cost alternative with dentistry in Tijuana. One of the most expensive dental treatments is dental implants. In the US, the first stage, surgical dental implant placement costs an average of $2100 per tooth. US dentists will charge an additional $1200 for the abutment and another $1200 for the crown. The total cost in the US averages $4500 per tooth. Here our Tijuana dentists charge just $795 for stage one, and only $265 for the abutment, and $350 for the crown. The total is just $1410 per tooth, less than 1/3 the price.