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Dental Bridges vs Dental Implants: Cost & Benefits | Dental Implants Mex
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    • 01 Sep 14
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    Dental Bridges vs Dental Implants: Cost & Benefits

    To understand the benefits between dental bridges and implants, let’s define them first.

    Both of these procedures are recommended as a replacement for the missing tooth (or teeth). Replacing one’s tooth is incredibly important because missing one can affect your chewing and talking abilities. Over time, too, the other teeth may move, causing misalignment and poor support for the jaw and the rest of the face. Of course, losing one’s teeth may mean also losing the smile.

    Dental bridges are those that are attached to get rid of the gap left by the missing tooth. A pair of crowns is placed on both ends of the gap (these are called abutment teeth). Then the false tooth is placed on the middle. Also known as pontic, it can be made from other materials like gold or alloy.

    Dental implants are quite similar to bridges since they also have abutments and false crowns. However, they also have a titanium post that is implanted into the bone (hence, the name). The post then mimics the natural connection between the teeth and the jawbone. In time, the post meshes itself with the rest of the bones of your mouth. Outside, the post leaves a portion which serves as an abutment. This is where the new crown is attached.

    Can you take a pick between the two? You actually can, but the best person to tell you which one is best is your dentist. Not everyone can go for a dental implant. It requires an intensive surgery, so it’s not ideal for people who have diabetes and compromised immune systems. Implants, moreover, are more ideal to patients who already have damaged teeth roots. In other words, there’s nothing left of the original tooth anymore.

    Further, the process is more expensive than dental bridges. While the latter can cost around $700 to a few thousand dollars depending on how many teeth have to be replaced, one implant alone can already be worth $4,000.

    They also differ in the healing or recovery period. Dental bridges hardly have any downtime. Implants, on the other hand, may require a rest within two to three weeks.

    Saving on Both Treatments

    Regardless of which option your dentist suggests, you can get a dental bridge or implant with a savings of around 20% to 30%. The secret is to obtain the treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.

    The name alone conjures some negative thoughts in your head, but do you know more U.S. citizens are crossing the borders for a more affordable health care? Tijuana is also unlike the rest of Mexico. It’s actually safe for any tourist and patient. Most of all, the quality of dental care is topnotch. The most prestigious clinics have their own specialists who can work on your dental bridges and implants. They are well educated, experienced, and trained with qualifications comparable to or even beyond those of your U.S. dentist.

    If you’re interested, you can contact a dental clinic coordinator today who will set you up on an appointment.

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