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Getting a Root Canal in Mexico | Dental Implants Mex
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    • 26 Aug 14
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    Getting a Root Canal in Mexico

    Take Advantage of Affordable Dental Care in Tijuana

    Root canal therapy can make the difference between losing a tooth to injury or infection and continuing to Root Canal in Tijuanaenjoy many years of painless function from that tooth. This procedure, when done properly, can restore even a severely damaged tooth with minimal discomfort — but for many U.S. dental patients, the discomfort in the wallet is the real concern. Fortunately, you can get much more affordable dental care in Tijuana, including root canals, right here at Mexico Dental Implants.

    A tooth is not a solid mass. The enamel on the outside hides an inner substance called dentin, which in turn surrounds and protects a soft center known as the pulp. The pulp extends deep down into the roots of the tooth. This is the tissue that gave your roots the nourishment they needed to form and grow; a fully developed tooth no longer needs the pulp. This is fortunate, because it means that if the pulp becomes diseased, we can remove it while sparing other parts of the tooth.

    Why would be pulp become damaged? Infections from bacteria eating through the enamel, cracks or breaks above or below the gum line, general trauma, a failed dental crown, or gradual weakening of the tooth over the years can all threaten the pulp chamber. Infection can overwhelm the entire inside of the tooth and make its way into the bone, causing abscesses and bone loss.

    Schedule Your Root Canal in Mexico

    Root canal therapy involves drilling into the tooth to expose the pulp, removing the diseased pulp, and filling the emptied pulp chamber with a natural or artificial material. We can then cover the tooth with a permanent crown. You will probably find the process surprisingly easy — and for prices starting at just $250 at our Tijuana clinic. Compare that to the estimates you receive for U.S. root canals, and you will be happy you visited Mexico Dental Implants!

    Have you been putting off a necessary root canal session? For what reason?

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