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Traveling To Mexico Dental Implants Safely From San Diego | Dental Implants Mex
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    • 26 Aug 14
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    Traveling To Mexico Dental Implants Safely From San Diego

    Mexico Dental Implants Is Your Trusted Tijuana Dentist

    Traveling from San Diego to see our dentist in Mexico is both convenient and safe. At Mexico Dental Implants, Dentist in Mexicoour Tijuana dentist offers a comprehensive approach for all of your dental needs. From dental implants to root canals our services include both maintenance and cosmetic dentistry for your entire family.

    Traveling Safely From the US to Our Dentist in Mexico

    Dental implants, root canals and other cosmetic dentistry can become costly when you consider your entire family. At Mexico Dental Implants, we strive to offer your family affordable, outstanding care. While we can be reached by air, many of our patients choose to access our Tijuana dentist by driving over the US-Mexico border. The closest crossing point to Mexico Dental Implants is the San Ysidro crossing. This crossing can be easily accessed from either Interstate 805 S (which turns into 5 S) or Interstate 5 S.

    Interstate 5 S will take you directly to the border crossing. Once you pass over the border you will head to the right into customs. If you receive a green light, please continue on. If you receive a red light, please pull off to have your car searched at customs. You will then be allowed to continue on to our dentist in Mexico.

    From the border we are only a short distance ahead:

    1. Get into the far left lane and make the first left onto Frontera.
    2. Continue to the first stop sign and turn right, going around the traffic circle.
    3. Look for the MEDAC building, which will be to your left facing the traffic circle.
    4. Turn right on the street with a McDonald’s.
    5. Park in the lot immediately to the right upon turning.
    6. The charge is $3 per day, which is paid upon exiting.
    7. The MEDAC building is across the street.

    While construction has delayed return traffic to the US, we will give you a FAST PASS to indicate your visit for medical tourism. We look forward to seeing you at a visit soon to our Tijuana dentist.

    Do you have questions about driving to your facility? Let us know below!

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