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Travel Info

Mexico Dental Implants is located in Tijuana, just across the border from San Diego, California. Tijuana is the best location in the world for dental tourism because it is so easily accessible from the USA. Some dental treatments, like dental implants, require multiple phases, and at times a dental treatment requires follow up. When patients chose a distant location, like Costa Rica, or Thailand, a second or third trip makes going to those locations both expensive and inconvenient. Tijuana is close, and inexpensive. That is why more people come to Tijuana than any other destination for dental tourism. That is also why we have the best dentists, both from the fact that the best dentists are attracted to come to Tijuana, and also because they gain the most experience.

Frequently asked Questions:

Do I need a US Passport?

Un until recently, the answer would have been no. However, both the US Customs will ask for a passport to prove citizenship to re-enter the US, and the Mexicans are also now asking for a passport in order to fill out a tourism form.  If you are having a dental emergency, or don’t have time to get a passport, they are not too strict on those requirements yet, and a photo i.d. like a driver’s license, and a second I.d. like a birth certificate, will still work. However, things will go smoother if you go ahead and get the passport. We suggest getting a Passport Card, over a Passport Book, (you can get both). The Passport Card has a chip in it that allows you to use the Ready Lane, which move s faster when you exit through US Customs.

Is Tijuana Safe?

Like any big city, there are areas of town where you would want to avoid after dark, like the Zona Norte.  Nevertheless, despite what media bias you may have heard, Tijuana is a relatively safe place. Our clinic is in the Zona Rio, which is the nicest, and safest part of the city. The crime rate for Tijuana is about the same as San Diego, and is certainly very much less than in Los Angeles, or other major cities like Oakland, Chicago, Washing D.C., or New Orleans. There are over 20,000 Americans living in the area between the border and Ensenada. This is because it is a safe and delightful place to live.

How are the hotel accommodations?

The truth is, you are much better off staying in Tijuana. This is because you get more for your money, the hotels are nicer here, for a much lower price. Also, because we can arrange transportation to and from the clinic to the hotel, if you are in Tijuana. We can’t take you back and forth to a hotel in San Diego. (Although, at the Best Western Americana Inn, in San Ysidro, CA will transport you, but they charge extra for your nightly stay.)  Please check out our page “Hotel Info”.

How do I Travel to the US/Mexico border?

If coming by car, you can drive down either the Interstate 5 or 805. Both merge together right at the border. Read the page: “driving Instructions” for details. If you are driving a rental car, you will need to make sure they allow you to drive it into Mexico, and get insurance on it first. Otherwise, just park it on the US side of the border, and follow the “Walking Instructions”.  You can also take public transportation to the border. The electric train, aka the “Trolley” will take you right to the border crossing near our clinic.

New Border Crossing Regulations:

1.- You must now have a US passport to cross the border:

Just like the US Government requires everyone crossing the border into the US to have passports, the Mexican Government also now requires all persons crossing into Mexico to have a passport. Things have historically been a little lax, but now they are tightening up on the regulations. Make sure you get your passport before crossing into Mexico, to avoid any delays or hassle, by the US Customs, as well as Mexican Customs.

If you haven’t yet gotten a US Passport, we strongly recommend that you get the “Passport Card”, rather than the “Passport Book”. You can actually apply for both, or either one. But the reason the Passport Card works better than the Book, is because it has the RFID electronic chip, which qualifies you to use the faster moving “Ready Lanes” either as a pedestrian or riding in a car. Here is a link to the government website: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/apply.html

2.- You will need to get a Tourist Visa at the border:

Pedestrian Crossing: If leave your car parked at the border, and are walking into Mexico, you will need to present your US passport, and fill out a tourist permit form. It will just take 5 minutes. However, make sure you keep your tourist permit on your person. In case you are stopped in Mexico for any reason, you will now have proof that you entered into the country legally. The cost of a tourist permit, to visit Tijuana for a week, is free. But, if you plan to stay for more than a week, plan to return for a second trip, or are thinking of going on to Rosarito or Ensenada, you will need to get the 180 day permit, costing $25.

Crossing the border by car: If you are stopped in Tijuana, you will need to show that you have legally crossed the border. So, even though you could just drive through Mexican Customs, and they don’t ask you for any documents, don’t neglect to first stop and get your tourist permit. The process will just take a few minutes.

When you first cross into Mexico, do NOT get into the lines of cars that are going through the lanes through for inspection. Rather, keep to the right, and go straight ahead to the area for Voluntary Declaration. Most of the cars going in here, and parking, are stopping to declare products that they purchased in the US, so they can pay the “Importation Tax”. But this is the same area where you will find the “Immigration” office, in order to get your tourist permit. Just park your car next to the others, and go into the building. Inside you will find the Immigration office, and tell them you want a tourist permit. It will be easiest if you just tell them you are coming to visit and shop, otherwise they will ask you for the exact address of the clinic, and hotel address where you are staying. Just a little less hassle.

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